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A sustainable future in design is possible: creativity and recycled paper fusion in SELECTED 2020



Ecology and concern for the planet are gaining ground in society and the world of design is adapting this change of consciousness to its products. To represent this growing concern of people and companies for the recyclability of products and in the background of the circular economy, the new edition of the SELECTED book, an event of creativity and design that is held in the city of Bilbao, It will be made with the new collection of post-consumer waste Greenluxe recycled paper from Guarro Casas. Together with Otzarreta, the agency that year after year is in charge of the design of the volume, they have taken on a challenge: to create the most sustainable book possible with the tools that the industry offers today.

“It is in diversity where the raison d'être of design is reinforced, and today it has a common goal: a sustainable world. For this reason, from the visual image we wanted to evoke diversity and from the material to the concept of sustainability, and thus transmit the fundamental role that they occupy in pursuit of a sustainable future ”, Otzarreta highlights about the new creation.


A 100% sustainable product is impossible!

This was the overwhelming conclusion reached by the team made up of our experts and Otzarreta when proposing this new project. Assuming reality, it was decided to move towards the most sustainable product possible and thus, in the combination of design and paper, the possibility of making bindings as sustainable as possible with unique and attractive visual results will be represented. This idea arises in the process of a cotton thread that degrades quickly ... it all adds up!

In this context, the cover is created by means of a die that reveals the guard, which will be made in different versions to obtain volumes of different colors, all of which make up our new Greenluxe collection. This die-cut will represent the event logo in a macro-scale puzzle that invites the public to interact. In this combination, the outer part of the cover will be made with 50% recycled Greenluxe of 340 gr in white, you keep them in Greenluxe 50% recycled in different colors and the interior in 100% Greenluxe of 140 gr.


But what is Greenluxe?

As we anticipated, Greenluxe is Guarro Casas' new post-consumer waste collection, that is, created with materials obtained through recovery and transformation after use by the consumer. This paper, which will be launched in the third quarter of 2020, is manufactured in two different ranges: one that has 100% recycled pulp, from selected origins to guarantee its resistance; and another range with 50%, in which the rest are virgin fibers for those jobs that require very high mechanical capacities. This diversity makes this paper a perfect support for both rigid packaging and editorial products with grammages of 120 grams and flexible with supports greater than 300 grams. Thus, a total of 26 references are offered, which are divided into 12 colors in the 50% recycled version and 8 shades for the 100% version, as well as 4 different weights.

In fact, this collection reflects the change of responsibility with the environment: it began to be manufactured in 2018, and was only available on request and with special production. This step to offer a fixed offer in the catalog responds to a greater awareness of society about the need to give objects a second life, and with it a greater demand for recycled materials by the industry. In addition, Guarro Casas has always counted on respect for the planet among the values ​​that mark its innovation and production processes.


Editorial resistance

As it is a material applied to the publishing sector, in this specific case through the SELECTED book, it must be guaranteed that it will resist a large number of openings and closings as if it were a virgin fiber paper. The Greenluxe collection passes the most demanding tests of the quality department, with an unparalleled appearance and allowing the same customization options that can be applied in any other of our materials: printing, stamping, varnishing, embossing, as well as gluing, creasing and folds.