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115 gr. | Embossing 35
Ref. 0410418

Emboss, also known as texture, is the last process applied on covering materials to give them the desired appearance. Guarro Casas has more than 70 different embosses that cover all needs from cloth-like to leather-like. The most wide range of embosses of the market.

Thus, we offer infinite possibilities and combinations to customize and provide added value to your products so they become unique and exclusive.

Product specifications

We have available 2 types of embosses according their width: 70 and 140 cm.

  • Embosses of 70 cm of width are attractive and noticeable textures. Reptile-like, irregular and geometrical designs. Perfect for the most daring and exclusive projects.

  • Embosses of 140 cm of width are leather- and cloth-like appearance expresses the elegance and the warmth you were looking for.

Material: Paper


They can be applied on all our papers allowing a high level of paper personalization. It can be applied on the first steps of the paper creation, getting a bicolor effect, or also applied as the last step, giving texture to the paper.

According the emboss, we recommend to do printing tests before because the thickness of the emboss some digital machines could not cover properly all the surface.