115 gr. | Embossing LS
Ref. 0410915


Corporate Communication
Hardcover Binding
Softcover Binding
Writing & Printing
Flexible Packaging
01 The Yellow Box
Geltex Natural

Product specifications

Pulp-colored, long fiber cellulose material with excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. It is also stain resistant in contact with other surfaces, and has a treatment against fingerprints.

Geltex is available in a great range of colors, weights and embossing. With more than 70 different designs, Geltex is one of our most customizable products keeping an outstanding touch and natural appearance.

Width: 140 cm

Material: Paper

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Low weights are ideal not only for covering works like hardcover binding: covers and end-sheets or stationery, but also for packaging like rigid boxes or tubes.

Geltex mechanical properties are perfect for flexible packaging like luxury bags or stationery products: folders, calendars or menus.
It is the best option for corporate communication thanks to his anti-fingerprint treatment. Greeting cards, envelopes or cards are the perfect use for the natural image of Geltex.
Heavy weights share the same features but in addition these have more rigidity and flatness. That makes it perfect for soft-cover binding, especially books, catalogs, leaflets or advertisement.